Research at Aalborg University Esbjerg

Research activities at Aalborg University Esbjerg are organized by the research departments listed below. However, the activities aim to support the regional development and the regional industrial profile as well as corporation with other research departments in the region, such as University of Southern Denmark ,also situated in Esbjerg.

Research in Esbjerg is facilitated by the following departments

Department of Architecture, Design and Mediatechnology

Head of Department: Hans Jørgen Andersen
Contact in Esbjerg: Tony Brooks/Michael B. Holte

Department of Civil Engineering

Head of Department: Peter B. Frigaard
Contact in Esbjerg: Søren Heide Lambertsen

Department of Electronic Systems

Head of Department: Børge Lindberg
Contact in Esbjerg: Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen

Department of Energy Technology

Head of Department: John K. Pedersen
Contact in Esbjerg: Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen

Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering

Head of Department: Henriette Giese
Contact in Esbjerg: Jens Muff


Research Groups in Esbjerg


Regional research centre for companies and institutions

Located in South West Jutland, Research at Aalborg University Esbjerg is committed to supporting regional development through its function as a research centre for local businesses and through its role as a research partner for companies and public institutions located in the region.