The Aalborg University Board is the highest authority of Aalborg University, and the University’s Rector is responsible for the day-to-day management of AAU.

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Aalborg University Esbjerg

head of Campus AAU Esbjerg

The head of campus at AAU Esbjerg is responsible for local management in terms of coordination and local initiatives regarding campus development and communication about matters on campus. The head of campus is also responsible for the day-to-day management of all the joint administrative divisions on the Esbjerg campus (with the exception of Aalborg University Library, AUB).


Anders Schmidt Kristensen
(+45) 9940 7676 / (+45) 4218 0842


Campus council aau esbjerg

The Campus Council consists of representatives from all the main areas.

The Campus Council is a development, coordination and cooperation forum that holds meetings once a month (except in January, June and July); the minutes are made available to the management.

The Campus Council coordinates and develops activities around improving the study environment, facilitating research, facilitating a good working environment, and communication and dissemination of programme offerings at Aalborg University Esbjerg. In addition, the Campus Council coordinates the operation and administration of Bachelor’s degree programmes in Construction, Energy, Electronics, Chemistry, and Engineering, as well as Master's degree programmes in Oil & Gas and Risk & Safety Management.

The members of the Campus Council are:

  • Anders Schmidt Kristensen, Head of Campus
  • Henrik Brohus, Head of Studies (Admission Course and First Study Year)
  • Simon Pedersen, Head of Section for Energy Technology
  • Jens Muff, Head of Section for Chemical Engineering
  • Line Jørgensen, Communications Officer
  • Britta M. Jensen, Head of Admissions Office
  • Kristina Vindriis, Chair of the Student Society
  • Carsten Heine, Librarian AUB (observer)
  • Ellen Karlsen, Campus Secretary (secretary)