Student for a day

If you want to know what it is like to study at Aalborg University Esbjerg, you have the opportunity to try being a student for a day. You will find out what a particular programme is all about. You experience the social environment at the study, and what happens on a typical study day at Aalborg University Esbjerg. Would you like to find out if a study programme is the right choice for you?

We offer high school students and others who are considering their future education the opportunity to:

  • Follow a day on one of the university's programs depending on your interests
  • Follow the teaching and gain insight into Aalborg University’s project-oriented learning method
  • Take a tour around the university and see all the facilities
  • Meet students

On the day itself, it is also possible to talk to a student counsellor. The best times for getting the most out of being a student for a day are September-November and February-April.

Contact: Britta Nygaard or Heidi Valdkilde Abrahamsen