Student life

Campus Esbjerg

AAU Esbjerg is a local, social campus. We have many offerings for students; it is easy to get to know people; and it is easy to find housing compared to the rest of Denmark.

We work in groups and that way you quickly make new friends in your programme. Students work closely with the teachers on solving real problems in society.

Aalborg University Library


Aalborg University Library (AUB) has its own department on the Esbjerg campus; you may borrow books and journals, and you have access to several types of workspaces for both solitary study and group work.

Canteen at AAU Esbjerg


The canteen at AAU Esbjerg has a wide selection for breakfast, mid-morning meals and lunch. At lunch, there are several hot dishes, a large salad buffet and a make-your-own sandwich bar etc.



AAU Esbjerg's own fitness centre is located in the basement under Building B. It offers many different workout options, and there are changing and shower facilities.

The Student Society on Facebook

The Student Society

The Student Society is the student organisation at AAU Esbjerg and is run by volunteers. The association holds various social events throughout the year to improve your AAU Esbjerg experience.

Smuthullet on Facebook


Smuthullet is the student Friday bar in the basement where you can find good music, drinks at student-friendly prices and have some fun with various games and activities.

Culture, sports and nature in Esbjerg

Culture, sports and nature in Esbjerg

Esbjerg has a lot to offer in your free time. It is a city with many metropolitan qualities, but it is never far to anything.

Rental properties in Esbjerg


You have good options for finding housing in Esbjerg, and the prices are lower compared to most other university towns. The city's student residence halls and youth housing are administered by the individual housing associations.

Study in Esbjergs website

Study in Esbjerg

The organisation "Study in Esbjerg" offers a number of free events for students and guides you to your many opportunities in Esbjerg.

State education grant and finances

Your state education grant and finances

Learn more about state education grants, youth travel cards and other forms of support at AAU.

AAU pedagogical approach

An education at AAU Esbjerg is full-time study, and the method of study features problem-based project work in groups. This means that students should expect to work closely with classmates most of the time.


Esbjerg is Denmark's fifth largest city, with 72,000 inhabitants, 6,500 of which are students. We are located in the western part of Denmark and right on the water. Esbjerg is one of the youngest cities and was built around the harbour that was constructed in 1868. The city has a rich business community with exciting job opportunities that match our engineering programmes.

We are surrounded by many green areas, with forests and beaches, and as part of the urban renewal, the northernmost part of Esbjerg Harbour boasts an attractive urban area with a marina, recreational marine activities, cultural activities, swimming facilities and restaurants.

The city centre is buzzing with cafés, music, small green oases, intimate spaces and cosy hangouts. Go exploring in the city of Esbjerg and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere!

International Students

At Aalborg University Esbjerg we welcome international students from all over the world! 
Approximately 25% of our students are international both from within and outside the EU. Equally we employ several international academic staff, thus an international athmosphere at campus.

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