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Study programmes with a six-month job guarantee

Aalborg University Esbjerg trains sought-after engineers. The vast majority of graduates get jobs soon after graduation – either in Esbjerg or in other parts of Denmark.

To further strengthen the relationship between students, graduates and industry in Esbjerg, Aalborg University has made an agreement with the business community in Esbjerg on increased cooperation and recruitment of graduates. In practice, this means that the business community guarantees a job to students from Aalborg University Esbjerg after graduation, and additionally, that the students and the business community are committed to even closer cooperation during the students’ studies.

At least six months' job guarantee in Esbjerg Municipality

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    The business community in Esbjerg offers graduates from Aalborg University Esbjerg at least six months of employment immediately after graduation.
  • The scheme applies to graduates admitted to a full-time programme at Aalborg University Esbjerg as of September 2019.
  • The job guarantee applies to all graduates with a BSc in Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering and MSc in Engineering from Aalborg University Esbjerg who complete their education in the prescribed period of study.
  • The job guarantee requires that the graduate has written a project or done an internship with a company (at least 15 ECTS credits).
  • The job guarantee requires Danish proficiency equivalent to level B1 on the CEFR scale.
  • Aalborg University is also obligated to ensure that the students have good opportunities to collaborate with companies during their studies.


If you have any questions regarding the job guarantee, please contact study counsellor: