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Frequently asked questions related to admission procedures

To see the list of frequently asked questions, please check this link


Useful information related to studying at AAU Esbjerg and living in Esbjerg



This means of transport is used the most. Bikes can be purchased from previous students (check Facebook group: Køb og Salg I Esbjerg as well as information on the auction in Brørup
Beware that cyclists may be fined by the police for traffic offences, riding without lights etc. Bikes often get stolen and sold on, so it is important to be careful as to where bikes are obtained from, and to remember to lock your bike when you park it. It is also very important to have lights on your bike, both at the front (white light) and the back (red light), as well as reflectors on the wheels and pedals.

Public Transport

Yellow buses:

inside of each bus you will find a timetable free of charge. You may also check the timetable of your bus up front – they have irregular departure and arrival times, so be careful about weekends and public holidays. Also make sure that the bus you are travelling on is moving in the correct direction. You can also check the timetable at the homepage of Sydtrafik.

Once the bus arrives, check the front, which gives the name of the end destination, to see if it matches the direction in which you want to go.
It is possible to buy a single ride ticket for 20 kr, which is valid for 1 hour. A monthly pass is also available for 330 kr. This must be bought at the station. You can also buy a single ticket via your mobile phone. Send a text message to 1408 where you write from where you want to go, to where you want to go.

Blue buses:

These travel to slightly more distant destinations. The ‘X’ buses are direct buses.
Be aware that the bus stops only display the time of departure, not where you are or what direction you are going. Each bus stops at the central station at some point (the change of drivers takes a few minutes).


Usually charge an initial fee of ~ 28kr. Total cost is quite high. The “Maxi taxi” comes in handy if there is a large group of people travelling, or if passengers have a lot of luggage.
Phone numbers:
Esbjerg Taxa Tel. 75 14 45 00


Train timetables can be found, and tickets purchased at the train station.
Opening hours of the ticket office:
Mon - Fri 8:00 - 18:00, Sat 9:00 - 15:00, Sun Closed
Main Tel. 70 13 14 18 – open all weekdays 9:00 - 21:00
Again, for train rides it is also possible to buy a 10-trip ticket at a discount
Once the office closes, tickets can be purchased from automatic ticket machines. There is also a screen showing times of all arrivals and departures to and from Esbjerg. Information on train travel can also be found at www.dsb.dk

NB! Many students like to travel to Aarhus to visit. Please note that in Aarhus you have to enter the bus at the rear end (not the end where the driver is). Also, the buses in Aarhus only accept coins.


Access to school premises/facilities

Your student card is also your access card to the university. Once you receive your student card you have to choose a pin code for your card. There will be a guide to this in the letter with your student card. When you´ve chosen the pin code, you have to visit the information desk at Aalborg University Esbjerg to activate your card.

You have to carry the card with you at all times, as you can be asked to show the card.


An information session is also held in the library during the first few weeks of the first semester, providing information about databases that can be used. A library card is not provided at AAU Esbjerg, the student card is used.



Grocery chains:

There are several grocery chains in Esbjerg. The cheapest ones are Rema 1000, Fakta, Netto, Aldi and LIDL. They have different opening hours but they are usually open every day from 8 AM to 10PM

The biggest grocery chains, where you´ll also be able to find clothes items, kitchenware, bikes, hardware and electronical devices are Bilka, Føtex, Kvickly and Super brugsen.

Clothes & personal items (in the city centre)

In the city centre you´ll find Kongensgade - the pedestrian street. Here you´ll find all the specialty shops for clothes, sports, optometrists, music stores etc. The shops are open until 5:30pm on weekdays (Friday until 6PM) and 3 PM on Saturday.

Where to get ‘international’ food

A lot of ingredients and food items not native to Denmark can be obtained at one of the many Arab stores primarily located in downtown Esbjerg


Making Calls

If you already have a mobile phone, you can go to any of the grocery shops, petrol stations or Arab stores and purchase a chip, phone credit and phone cards from the cashier. Phones can also be bought in these shops but not at petrol stations.

If you wish to take out a post-paid subscription, this does require the CPR number.


Internet Access

The main internet access used is purchased from Dansk Kabeltv. There are various internet speeds to choose from, and these can be changed and modified according to the user’s preferences. You´ll get the registration form from Dansk Kabeltv with your housing contract. It may take up to 2 weeks for registration to be completed and the access to open.


Official procedures

CPR number

Without a CPR number, your stay in Denmark is not legal. You will need this number for all official matters. The Danish government keeps track of everybody's whereabouts at all times. It is therefore important to keep the Municipal authorities informed about any changes in information, eg. address etc. [see accommodation]. It is also possible to obtain a ‘Moving Folder’ (Flyttemappe) from any post office, in which you fill out one form for the Municipal authorities and another form for the post office. The CPR number is also needed in order to get a telephone subscription (post-paid) and internet subscription.

Tax card

Everyone in Denmark has a tax card. Most people are allowed to earn approx DKK 35,000 per year (3,000/mo) without paying tax at all. But everyone has to pay 8 % AM (a fee to the government).
In order to pay your salary, the salary office (lønkontor) needs your tax-info. If, for some reason, the salary office does not have the appropriate info, they will automatically withhold 55% of the salary for tax.
There are several types of tax-cards in Denmark, but for students who will not exceed the 35,000/y, a tax exemption card (fri-kort) must be activated and the info on this card must be given to the salary office.

Licence Fee

This is the fee which must be paid in order to use anything that displays a multimedia signal, such as a radio, television, smartphones, laptops. If you have a television in your common area, someone living in the house is responsible for the payment of the licence fee on it.
In Sct. George, there are no signals for televisions in the rooms. You will have to pay for this in order to get a signal, and this automatically signs you up for the licence fee.
In Hedelundvej, there are already signals, but this does not mean that the licence fee has been paid, this still needs to be paid separately.


It is also important to make sure that your FULL NAME is on your mailbox at all times. If not, even if the correct mailbox number is provided, you will not get your mail.
How to get to the Kommune (Municipal authorities) and go about getting a yellow health insurance card etc.: Your CPR number is needed for this


Aalborg University has an agreement with the branch Soar Nord, where you can open an account before you receive your Danish CPR-number. For more information please ask at the international office. Once you have your CPR-number, you can choose any bank.


[Post office, online, PBS( PengeinstitutternesBetalingsService/Automatic Funds Transfer system)]
One option is to receive the bill in your mail box and go to the post office to pay it. This incurs a fee of about 25 kr. from the post office. It also incurs a 30-39 kr. charge to receive the paper bill in the mail.
It is therefore an advantage to have online banking. There is still a charge of 30-39 kr. to get your bill in your mail box and pay online.

There is the option to tick ‘ Tilmeld PBS’ (register for PBS) in order to have your bills paid automatically online. After the first payment through online banking, you will therefore not receive any more bills in your mailbox, and bills will be paid automatically.


Exercise & Leisure time

-Fitness World

Tel. 88 88 27 00
Kongensgade 27-29 6700 Esbjerg (main square)

- Fitness dk

Tel. 75 13 37 13
Gl Vardevej 66 6700 Esbjerg

- City Bowling Esbjerg

Tel. 75 45 37 77
Tordenskjoldsgade 22 6700 Esbjerg

- Svømmestadion Danmark (Swimming Stadium)

Tel. 75 45 94 99
Gl Vardevej 66 6700 Esbjerg

- Esbjerg Idrætspark (Blue Water Arena)

Tel. 75 45 94 99
Gl Vardevej 82 6700 Esbjerg

- Efb Ishockey (Ice Hockey rink)

Tel. 75 45 39 68
Gl Vardevej 82 6700 Esbjerg

- Håndboldklubben (Handball club)

Tel. 75 13 29 76
Gl Vardevej 82 6700 Esbjerg

Discounts on various events/activities [IDA]

Visit the IDA office at Aalborg University Esbjerg and register. This is very simple – all you need is your yellow card, student card and the registration fee. Students who are enrolled for the full 2-year Master's programme pay (check!) 200 kr. for their entire stay. The fee is smaller for students who are only staying for a semester/year etc. It is also possible for AAU Esbjerg students to invite a guest to various events at a discount price

Danish language classes (LærDansk)

The Municipality of Esbjerg offers free Danish courses. You´ll receive a letter from the international office upon arrival, where you sign up for courses.