Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation

Would you like to start your own business while you’re a student or staff member at AAU? Or do you want to contribute to one of the many ongoing AAU Startups and Spinouts?

Aalborg University offers good opportunities for supporting, facilitating and motivating knowledge-based entrepreneurship among students and staff. The goal is to promote entrepreneurial competencies and ensure that more projects are commercialised and create value for society.


If you are a student and have an idea, we recommend that you apply for admission to the Startup Program. Read more here:

The program aims to help students turn an idea into a viable business. Through the program, we help with:

  • validating your idea and the market you want to address
  • finding the competencies you need when building a successful team. This also means we can help you find a team if you don’t have a good business idea yet.
  • a funding strategy and pitch training
  • matching your startup with a mentor from our Mentor Corps. The corps consists of experienced business people who are passionate about helping to get your startup off the ground.

Internship in your own or another startup

Based on your disciplinary expertise, you might have developed an innovative idea with business potential. Could you be interested in working full-time on that idea? Or are you curious about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and would like to be a part of an entrepreneurial environment? Then you can do a project-oriented activity (internship) in your own startup or one of the many AAU startups. You will have the opportunity to combine your disciplinary knowledge with business creation, and to develop your entrepreneurial mindset.

Learn more about Startup in Practice here!


Are you a staff member at AAU considering the opportunities for commercialising your research idea, or do you want to partner with a company around the commercialisation of your research idea? Through the Science for Society 2.0 programme, we can help you get started. We can also help you put together a team of students to work on your idea, or become part of a team in the AAU Incubator, or discuss commercial opportunities for your research in general. Find out more about opportunities for staff members at AAU here


An Innovation HUB with an Incubator is on its way in Esbjerg. It's not here yet, but until then you can meet with us in Office Hours. See when here.

Follow current events and opportunities in the Facebook group Student Startup Esbjerg


IDEA House is located at Niels Bohrs Vej 2 in Esbjerg (next to EASV). In IDEA House, students who would like to start a business get together on exciting innovative projects.

You can network with talented students from several different higher education programmes in Esbjerg.

If you’re interested in hearing more about IDEA House, contact Trine Falbe Larsen or read more about IDEA House.