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The campus took part in the Nordjob fair in Flensburg on May 10-11, 2016, and in the Vocatium fair in Berlin on June 15-16, 2016, representing the bachelor’s programs primarily in Esbjerg but also the Aalborg University campuses in Copenhagen and Aalborg. Second-year high school students and primary and lower secondary pupils were invited to the fairs. A large number of the attendees who spoke with Aalborg University Esbjerg representatives will be ready to study in Denmark as of September 2017.

Last modified: 23.06.2016

The education fairs were organized by the Institute for Talent Development (IfT Institut für Talententwicklung). The organization’s team visited nearly 700 school classes to present the fairs’ offerings. So the nearly all the fairs’ attendees were well prepared, especially those faced with having to choose an educational program in 2017.

The two fairs had a total of 20,000 visitors to the nearly 300 stands. The campus stand was busy with at least 500 visitors who stopped by for a shorter chat or longer talk. For the first time, current students at Aalborg University Esbjerg were involved, and it was a success. The students have all moved to Denmark and therefore have been in the same situation as the attendees.

In the over 100 longer talks, interest was highest in the Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology program, but there was also great interest in the Electronics and Computer Engineering program. Both programs are offered in English. In Flensburg, there were also some who asked about the Energy program and hope that it is offered in English when they are ready to apply. In several of the conversations, the young people were very targeted and started by saying "I want to study in Denmark" and then focused more on the educational opportunities in both Esbjerg and the other Aalborg University campuses and moving to Denmark to live and study.

There were also some Danish-speaking attendees in Flensburg, so there was information about the bachelor programs only offered in Danish.