AAU Esbjerg strengthens growing industry with new programme in bioengineering

AAU Esbjerg strengthens growing industry with new programme in bioengineering

As of 1 September 2020, students can study for a Master’s degree in bioengineering at AAU Esbjerg. The new programme will meet the need for graduates in a growing industry and is also part of the strategic development of AAU Esbjerg.

Last modified: 23.01.2020

As of the summer of 2020, Aalborg University in Esbjerg will be offering a brand new Master’s programme in bioengineering. The programme is aimed at educating graduates with the skills needed in the future in areas such as life sciences to support the manufacturing companies of the region. In addition, the new programme is part of a major strategic development of the AAU campus in Esbjerg to advance the already very strong research and education environments in the fields of biotechnology and energy.

‘The region is facing a challenge in attracting and retaining engineers for companies in the area. So I’m very pleased that the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education agrees that the bioengineering programme will help meet the future needs for skilled labour in a growing industry,’ says Olav Geil, Pro-dean for Education, Faculty of Engineering and Science at Aalborg University.

The future bioengineering graduates will be able to strengthen and help develop companies in the life sciences, an area the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs expects will see an increasing demand for skilled labour in the future. Life sciences includes areas such as bioenergy, biotechnology, pharma, animal feed, food as well as other industries where sustainability is an important element.  

‘When we look at the industries where the bioengineering programme will be supplying graduates, these are also areas that employ a greater proportion of women than do other engineering areas. So I also hope we will see more women applying for enrolment than we’re used to in Esbjerg,’ says Olav Geil. 


Over the past year, AAU Esbjerg has been undergoing a process of strategic development. The bioengineering programme is part of that process in terms of strategically developing strong academic environments in biotechnology and energy.

‘We are very strong in both biotechnology and energy in Esbjerg, and over the last few years we have brought in large amounts of funding for these research areas. The new programme will strengthen that position even further,’ says Olav Geil.

The bioengineering programme will also support existing programmes at AAU Esbjerg as it provides students with new opportunities to specialise.

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