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On Wednesday, November 30, Hülya Ucar Sokoli, MSc Eng., PhD in Chemistry, from Aalborg University Esbjerg, was honored with the Esbjerg University Award at a ceremony at the University of Southern Denmark.

Last modified: 06.12.2016

The award is given each year to an outstanding student at Aalborg University Esbjerg and the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) Esbjerg, respectively, to promote business-oriented research in innovation, competence and internationalization.

Hülya Ucar Sokoli was recommended for the award by Professor Erik G. Søgaard, Section for Chemical Engineering, Aalborg University Esbjerg. He justifies his choice of Hülya with the impressive work she has done in her PhD where, in the innovation consortium Genvind along with 26 Danish companies, she has studied methods for recycling fiber reinforced plastic composites from worn-out wind turbine blades – materials that thus far have not been possible to recycle. Using high pressure and temperature the researchers managed to break down the plastic composites to their components of glass or carbon fibers and resin. The fibers can potentially be recycled into new materials and the resin transformed into an organic crude oil with high calorific value.

- Hülya has impressed everyone in the consortium with her precise delivery of facts from literature reviews and the results from the very extensive laboratory work she has carried out, says Erik G. Søgaard, also pointing out the large volume of reports and publications in international journals that Hülya has produced, several of which are accepted and some are in review.

It was a happy Hülya Ucar Sokoli who thanked her supervisors at Aalborg University Esbjerg and her family. The award means a lot to me, she says. – It shows that my work has borne fruit and that I have been recognized for the hard work I've done in my PhD project.

She is also a passionate person who has been involved in almost all the activities aimed at prospective students such as visits by high school classes and Open House, and has taught chemistry at Aalborg University Esbjerg’s sister university SDU in the joint bachelor’s program in environment and resource management where she has received very good recommendations from the students.

– Receiving this university award is very motivating for my further work, says Hülya, who does not yet know what the money will be used for. – I haven’t thought about it yet, but I have many ideas about how my PhD project can be developed, so the money will be put to good use in future work, she says.

The award of DKK 25,000 that aims to promote business-oriented research in innovation, competence and internationalization, is sponsored by Business Development Esbjerg and a number of foundations.