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Mikkel Kirkedahl Nielsen, Curator at the Museum of Southwest Jutland, will receive an award at the 27th MUSE Awards in Washington DC at the end of May. The American award is given for outstanding media performance in art galleries, libraries, archives and museums. Among the previous award winners are several well-known institutions such as the Smithsonian national museums in Washington DC, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the British Library in London. The project is among a wide range of American and international contributions selected to receive an award in the category "Games and Augmented Reality."

Last modified: 20.05.2016

As part of his PhD studies in Medialogy at Aalborg University Esbjerg, Mikkel Kirkedahl Nielsen developed an app in conjunction with the Esbjerg-based company Intertisement Aps. It is a location-based mobile application known as "Trade and Merchants' Life in Ribe." The app was tested at the beginning of 2016 on a variety of participants with very positive results in terms of how it affected their perception of time, place and history.

The test of the mobile application is part of a PhD project examining how history museums can use audio-visual media to present the past to users. The application uses small transmitters known as iBeacons to enable media content that is associated with specific places such as a Renaissance building or a cattle market in the town square. Intertisement Aps handled the programming, preparation and implementation of 3d models and Augmented Reality features, while Mikkel Kirkedahl Nielsen structured the story and produced additional content such as film, animation, images, etc.

The PhD project is cofinanced by the Museum of Southwest Jutland and Aalborg University with additional financial support from the Agency for Culture and Palaces, the Esbjerg Municipality Vækstfremme and the SUC Fund.

- Whether the project receives Gold, Silver, Bronze or an Honorable Mention won’t be known until the MUSE Awards ceremony in Washington DC on Thursday, May 26, says the happy award winner, who is currently on a three-month research stay at the University of Leicester. His three-year PhD study ends August 1 of this year.

The awards are sponsored by the Media and Technology Professional Network of the American Alliance of Museums.

The PhD project is part of the Museum of Southwest Jutland’s work to establish a number of museum departments in the Quedens Gaard building complex in the center of Ribe.

- It is a challenge to create exhibitions in the wonderful old Renaissance buildings with many small spaces. It has thus been important for us to develop and use the latest technology to make history come alive in little space, says Flemming Just, Museum Director. – We are delighted that the Agency for Culture and Palaces and Esbjerg Municipality with its growth fund believed in the project. It was also important for us to have a concrete and useful product so Intertisement was involved in the practical development of the application at an early stage.

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