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There is good news for companies who demand expert knowledge in the field of risk and safety management. The first class from the Risk and Safety Management program at the University of Southern Denmark/Aalborg University are completing their final exams and are now ready to put their many skills to work in risk and safety management at all levels in companies.

Last modified: 28.01.2016

The first class of students in the Risk and Safety Management program are completing their two-year master's degree program. It is an initial high point for the research center behind the program, the Danish Centre for Risk and Safety Management (RISK), a joint venture between the University of Southern Denmark and Aalborg University.

- This is a great day and we are delighted that we can now offer highly qualified graduates in risk and safety management to the many businesses, not least in the South Denmark Region, that will be able to benefit from the knowledge and skills of our graduates. For example, our graduates can work with the implications of different cultures and social norms for risk management in different parts of the world. To illustrate this, we in the West associate the color red with danger, but the situation is different in other parts of the world and these differences are important to take into account when working with risk and safety management in a company with employees in many countries, says Anders Schmidt Kristensen, Director of RISK.

It was this demand from companies that made it clear that there was a need for the program. Therefore, the University of Southern Denmark and Aalborg University partnered to establish the program and the research center RISK that opened its doors in 2011, not least thanks to substantial support from the Claus Sørensen Foundation that has also supported organizations such as Blika A/S and VIKING Life Saving Equipment A/S.

- The Claus Sørensen Foundation deserves recognition for their interest and contribution to the RISK center and the study program. We are very grateful for the generous contribution and we are delighted that the foundation helps to support research and development in Esbjerg and the South Denmark Region, says Anders Schmidt Kristensen.

Graduates with broad scope

And a wide range of industries and companies stand to benefit from qualifications of the new graduates.

- The complexity of the technological systems being introduced throughout society is constantly increasing. This means that there is a growing need for instructions, continuing education, handling interruptions in operations, procurement of safety equipment, training in evacuation, etc. The RISK graduates are trained to solve exactly these types of tasks very capably, says Anders Schmidt Kristensen, also mentioning such diverse industries as the oil and gas sector, wind turbine operators, the heat and power sector, municipalities and airports as obvious prospective employers of graduates of the program.

The students in the RISK program typically hold a bachelor’s degree in technology management and marine engineering or a bachelor’s degree from an engineering program, and that background, in conjunction with the master's degree, is an excellent academic profile.

- On the master’s level they learn management in the form of risk management, and these skills in conjunction with their solid, technical knowledge gives them a really good combination of theoretical and practical knowledge that will benefit companies, says Anders Schmidt Kristensen.

The next class of the RISK program starts in the beginning of February this year.

Further information/contact:

Anders Schmidt Kristensen, Director of RISK, Aalborg University Esbjerg, Mobile +45 4218 0842, ask@civil.aau.dk