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Graduation at Aalborg University Esbjerg 31 January 2018

Graduation at Aalborg University Esbjerg 31 January 2018

At a ceremony at AAU Esbjerg, graduates received their diplomas and were honored by teachers, classmates and family. A total of 54 students graduated with Bachelor of Engineering, Engineering, Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in such diverse fields as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Data Engineering, Chemistry & Biotechnology, Risk & Safety Management, Oil & Gas Technology, Sustainable Energy Engineering and Medialogy.

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Anders Schmidt Kristensen, Head of Campus, welcomed the graduates and congratulated them on completing their education, expressing his hope that they will be good ambassadors for Aalborg University Esbjerg. He also used the opportunity to thank all of the students who on a daily basis make the utmost effort for Aalborg University serving as first-year instructors, tutors, supervisors; being active in the Student Society and councils, helping with events, and serving as ambassadors, and he stressed that: “You are the most important aspect of a good study environment.”

The day's speakers included Jens Muff, Associate Professor and Head of the Section for Chemical Engineering, Aalborg University Esbjerg. He emphasized that the newly minted graduates with a diploma from Aalborg University – one of Europe's top engineering universities – are known as a highly specialized technical problem-solvers with a flair for interdisciplinary cooperation, not only locally and nationally but also internationally. He hoped this was something they would "show off" in the future, although it is rather “anti-Vestjysk”.

Other speakers were Mogens Rysholt Poulsen, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Science; Finn Olsen, Rector of Varde Gymnasium; Birgit Kjærside Storm, Associate Professor and representative of the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA); and Mikkel Rindholt, representative of the Student Society at Aalborg University Esbjerg who is studying Engineering.


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