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On January 29, 2016, thirty-two students graduated as Bachelor of Engineering, MSc in Engineering, Bachelor and Master.

Last modified: 11.02.2016

In his welcome address, Head of Campus Anders Schmidt Kristensen congratulated the graduates and noted their opportunities in a dynamic society. Graduates from Aalborg University Esbjerg have a solid and broad professional profile, which means that they will be able to navigate well on their career path and adjust to the demands of society. He added that there is room for more students at Aalborg University Esbjerg, and the business community demands what we produce. He asked that the graduates be ambassadors for Aalborg University Esbjerg. Then he gave the floor to Bent Johansen, Head of Renewables Wind Operations Denmark at Vattenfall A/S.

Bent Johansen opened his speech with an extra congratulations to the first graduates in risk and safety management, noting that they are greatly needed in today's global reality. Collaboration with the business community during their studies and the problem based learning that Aalborg University Esbjerg is known for bodes well for all the graduates’ employment opportunities. The business community needs their skills and knowledge and also their ability to work collaboratively. There is an urgent need for the graduates; there is a lack of engineers and the need is increasing. His advice to the graduates was to be daring and take chances, because it is our mistakes we learn from, as long as they’re not repeated. He concluded by noting that adaptability and innovation will be the challenges in their future.

Birgit Kjærside Storm, Associate Professor and representative of the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA), also highlighted the lack of engineers and mentioned that it is not only in the Esbjerg area, but also the triangle area of Vejle, Fredericia and Kolding and the Sønderborg area, where campaigns are being run to attract engineers from the area here. Birgit added that the engineer shortage will increase if there aren’t more students entering engineering so IDA is working to attract more engineering students with the campaign "Engineering the Future."

Peter Floor Kousgaard, representative of Student Society (Studentersamfundet) at Aalborg University Esbjerg, mentioned some of the advantages of the campus. You don’t go into the Study Office, no, you go in to Britta and Anne, and you don’t go in there as a number, but as an individual person. Everyone knows each other, and that’s something I’ll miss when I finish here. I believe that you graduates will think back to your student days the same way.

Eva Petersson Brooks, Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, also had a word of advice for the graduates based on her own learning and life experience. She said that your work is going to fill a large part of your life. You have to find what you’re passionate about, what you love. If you haven’t found it, keep looking. There is no reason not to follow your heart. Don't let the opinions of others drown out your inner voice. Stay true to yourself; everything else is secondary.


Line Gad Christiansen, teacher at Aalborg University Esbjerg was honored in a speech by Eva Petersson Brooks, Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, on the occasion of her being named Medialogy Teacher of the Year 2015 at Aalborg University. Line was selected by the study board from among all nominated teachers in Aalborg, Copenhagen and Esbjerg for her work as a supervisor and lecturer.

Students nominated Line because she manages to make any topic interesting. She likes to make use of new teaching methods, which makes her teaching style engaging for all students. As a supervisor, she is friendly and down to earth. She has nothing against making small talk with her groups, which makes for a good working relationship between her and the students she supervises. Line manages to find materials that are both informative and fun, and with a couple of funny and creative examples, she can make even the most boring things fun.

Line received a certificate and flowers.