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Thirty-two young people from Schleswig-Holstein were signed up to visit Esbjerg on 3 October 2015. They had the chance to see Aalborg University Esbjerg and hear about the programs, leisure activities and job opportunities. The visitors were highly satisfied with the visit and many responded that they could easily imagine studying at Aalborg University Esbjerg.

Last modified: 28.10.2015

Mats Jacobsen, a student at Duborg-skolen, the Danish upper secondary school in Flensburg, said in fluent Danish: "I’m coming next year to study chemistry and biotechnology. The campus has the program I want and the area appeals to me – Esbjerg is neither too small nor too large.” He added that “the good job opportunities also are appealing."

Anders Schmidt Kristensen, Head of Campus at Aalborg University Esbjerg, said: "We’ve organized and staffed this day thoroughly, because Germany is less than 100 kilometers away from Esbjerg, and several businesses in Esbjerg have activities in the German sector of the North Sea. We offer engineering programs of high international quality that include the skills that are in demand among these companies. At the same time, we have a growing international environment that makes it attractive for German engineering students. And it’s only a short train ride home to family in Germany. Thus we focus on Northern Germany in attracting students to Aalborg University Esbjerg."

The young people came here by bus. The day's program consisted of presentations by researchers and students about Aalborg University Esbjerg, the various programs and the project work that Aalborg University is known for.  The students emphasized that the project work provides an exciting and challenging atmosphere both work-wise and socially.

The students also touched on the positive aspects of living in Esbjerg such as the nature and the diverse sporting and cultural opportunities. Also, distances are not great. Moreover, if you take part in some of the many activities offered on campus, at “Huset” and in the “Study in Esbjerg” activities, you quickly meet people, make new friends and have new experiences.

In addition, there was a talk about accommodation where Aalborg University Esbjerg assists new students in finding housing if they so desire. The campus also helps with other aspects of moving to Denmark and living in Esbjerg.

The visitors were very interested in hearing about what it’s like to study in Esbjerg from a student, and there was good dialogue throughout the day. The students gave a tour of the campus with a focus on the many new laboratories so the visitors saw that the studying is not just theoretical, but also includes laboratory work.

Vattenfall opened its doors this Saturday and the visitors had the opportunity to see the control center as well as a tour of the harbor showing the many job opportunities in the area.  There was then sightseeing by bus around the city to get an idea of all the opportunities that the city offers in sport and culture as well as everyday shopping.

During the sightseeing several of the visitors were already able to get an impression of the possibilities and see it as an opportunity to come and study at Aalborg University Esbjerg.

Simon Thies, who completed his upper secondary education in Hamburg and is currently working, found the project work interesting and was very interested in the Electronics and Computer Engineering program. Simon is now thinking of perhaps starting the bachelor's program this summer, or doing it in Germany and then coming to Esbjerg for the master’s program. He ended by saying that all the offshore activities in Esbjerg are extremely interesting.

The day ended at "Huset" where there were presentations on “Study in Esbjerg” and “Huset.” After a long intensive day, the bus headed for home. The participants made it clear that it was a great day with lots of interesting information.